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This was originally an english homework… but after all I began to like the story, and continued it even when I realized it was no longer fitting for that purpose… so I give it to you all, hoping you will appreciate it!
Here you are my first (short) romance in English:

"It was a peaceful day in my village, a small english colony on Carribean Sea.

And above all, it was the day of my marriage! My wife-to-be was the beautiful daughter of a rich family of plantators, and only because I was one of the youngest captains of His Majesty’s Navy, that defended them by the terrible pirates, I could have the honour of her hand.

The bell was beating six o’clock, when we said our “yes” between the whole jubilant community.

A second after, we heard a scream: a pirate ship had entered the port. In a moment the church was encircled. They wanted me and my wife, else, they threatened to kill the whole village.

We had no weapons, we had no choice. They had what they wanted: us.

When the coast disappeared in the distance, they put my wife on a table upon the sea, wrists and ankles tied: they threatened to throw her dawn unless I told them where my ship, the “Light”, that was giving them a lot of troubles, was.

They wanted to assault it together with others pirate ship in the area and, with its captain in their hands, they were sure to destroy it.

I was on holiday, and the actual position of the ship was a secret for me too, until the moment of my return on board. I told them so, but they didn’t believe me, and they put the poor girl at the very end of the table.

I paniked and gave them a random name: they were satisfied, and I thought we had a little more time. But in that moment, a stronger wave made my wife fall, and disappear in the deep.

No one even tried to help her, because they thought they didn’t need her any more. I was still useful, instead, so they put me in a wet cell, and even gave me some food.

Destroyed by pain, I slept a troubled sleep.

I thought I was still dreaming, when I saw my beloved’s face in front of me. No, I wasn’t dreaming. Was it a ghost? No, I realized it was real. Had she managed to save herself? Impossible! So?

“I’m”, she said, “the daughter of the captain of this ship. And I am here to free you.”

In fact, even in the obscurity I realized she was dressed like a pirate. But she was identical to my wife. As I understood later, she had been impressed too by this close resemblance; and seeing herself finding death in the water, she had felt a new emotion for her: pity.

A pirate can’t be a real pirate with pity in his heart, so it was in order to calm hers that she decided to deliver me.

She had all the keys on the ship, so she had left the door of the rum reserve opened: the guardians had discovered this and immediatly empitied the barrels, so they were now deeply asleep. She had also prepared a lifeboat for me.

While I watched the pirate ship vanish in the distance like a black phantom, my heart was full of regret for the loss of my beloved, and of gratefulness for my liberation: but soon astonishing took their plece. I heard a terrifying noise, and in moonligh I saw an enormous monstre, a sort of giant octopus, appearing from deep, and capturing the ship.

This last a second; then remained nothing but water. I gazed around me in terror, irrationally trying to see if there was danger for me. Also if there had had, I obviously wouldn’t have been able to see it! But I saw something else: a light.

I approached it as soon as possible. The light was a ship, no, it was my ship, the “Light”!

They recognized who I was, and I took my place again at the head of the unit.

“Pirates captured me and my wife” I explained to my crew, “I excaped just a few minutes before a monstrous octopus destroyed the ship. We have to go away, or we will meet the same sad end!”. But one of my older mariners explained me it is proved that octopuses attack ships only because they think they are breathing whales; and after having tried to eat wood this octopus must have left, disgusted and having learned to be more careful.

Since we were not in danger, I ordered to reach the place of the shipwrecht in order to find wether there were survivers. We found nothing but pieces of wood, and we were about to left, when we heard a woman’s scream. We rescued her: she was the daughter of the pirat captain. All other pirats, found asleep by the assault, were dead. She was naked: “dresses hampered me in swimming”, she said.

I commanded to give her some of our change dresses, but her situartion was terrible: being she a pirate, us His Majesty’s soldiers, out duty was to bring her to a tribunal, where she would probably been executed. I was considering this, when a friend of mine between the crew said to me: “You really have to thank God for saving your wife!”. Having not had the time to tell my men she was dead, they had found the girl identical to the descriptions I often had made them of my wife-to-be! In that moment, I understood why we had found her naked: if they had found her dressed like a pirate, they would have had some doubt, but if you saw a beautiful girl without any dress, would you think she is a pirate?

In fact, her real dresses weren’t such a problem for swimming; but if she had been dressed as a bride, as she wanted my crew to believe, they would.

We gazed each other. Now she needed protecton, and I owed her my life. Moreover, she was as beautiful as my real wife. Life as a plantator’s daughter is more pleasant than life as a pirate, I thought, so why should she betray me? In addition, in this way she would owe me her life too.

I decided to trust her, and my eyes said: “Ok.”.

I took her in my cabin. She told me her name, I told her her new name, and everything she needed to know to be my wife. And she told me, in order to proove she would be faithful to me, where the pirates used to hide.

It was sunrise. Pretending to have heard the name while being on pirate’s ship, I ordered my ship to reach the island. It was well-defended by nature and fortifications, but we found only a few men: the greater part of them was died because of the octopus. After a short battle we killed all the pirates in the island, and took control of it –it is now, in fact, a fort under the control of Royal Navy-.

My pirate girl also revealed me where pirats had hidden their treasure. I saved the usual part for the governement, and divided another part between my mariners: the remaining part was still enough to make me rich. Me, and my new wife.

We arrived at my village short after noon. My wife’s parents embraced with all their tears the daughter of the pirate capitain, and all the town came to the port in order to celebrate our return.

I smiled, because now we were really safe: in this way, even if in the future someone had noticed something stange, how could he admit even to himself, after all this joy for her, that my wife is not the one they had until then believed?

Only some hours later I managed to reach my house with my new wife. Here, we celebrated the end of our adventure with a kiss, and the rest followed. We were a family now, weren’t we?

Then, I found a difference between the two girls: she really had fire in her veins, something that I couldn’t have pretended by my shy, puritan original wife.

Finally, we laid exausted on our bed. In that moment, the city bell beated six o’clock again: only twenty-four hours had passed since the beginning of this all!

When I thought about the day’s adventures, I smiled. Everithing had come out right in the end."


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