L’altra faccia dell’imbarazzo nell’alleanza #Farage-#M5S

“Now many expect Beppe Grillo may change his mind, and go back on his word and align the Five Star Movement with us in the EFD, or whatever the group ends up being called.

I warn UKIP leadership not to do this, for the former Communist and felon leads a political force that has no concrete solutions, and only causes massive disruptions in the Italian Assembly just to satisfy their supporters. Silvio Berlusconi has compared Grillo to Mussolini, and one can understand why when one sees how he has no regard whatsoever for the Italian political structure. If UKIP wants to be taken seriously anywhere, the last thing the Party should do is align with an Italian circus that rotates its Leader’s in the National Assembly every four months due to Grillo’s paranoia that his deputies are plotting against him.

He rules his party in a dictatorial manner, purges all who stand against him, yet can never be elected due to his felony. Instead of meeting with Grillo, Farage should be pulling out the stops to prevent the Lithuanians and the Dutch from jumping ship as the Danes and Finns just did. If not, he might as well end his attack on the Front National, which has gays and Jews in the leadership….including newly elected MEP. Steve Briois, who is openly gay, a councilor, the Mayor of the FN stronghold of Henin Beaumont, the Secretary General of the FN, one of the seven VP’s of the Party, and a close friend of Marine Le Pen.

It is imperative to form a grouping for UKIP for both the extra funds; more allowances for staff, more speaking time, and committee appointments. However, it is incumbent upon UKIP leadership to lead UKIP into a grouping that can bring down the EU, and not to join with Grillo, or miniscule parties with one MEP. We need to be taken seriousl and joining with and joining with Grillo doesn’t cut it.


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