“There are no absolute truths”

…is bullshit. Complete, absolute, utter bullshit.

But it’s useful bullshit, as long as humans are prone to getting totally convinced of ‘truths’ over little or no evidence. And kill over it.

Given this madness, any combination of letters with a chance to defuse it is bound to have wide success. However rubbish it is at face value.

If we really looked at the world, we would have to admit that many things we simply don’t know. And most others we know to be true only depending on a set of conditions, which might be difficult to assess. Often exactly what conditions are to be considered in the first place is uncertain; ‘immutable’ prior assumptions, after all, always remain constant right up to when they change.

But beyond the limited scope of our knowledge, there is a truth. And we will get to it.

But first, we have to stop hating, discriminating, and killing each other for deluding ourselves in different ways.


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