10 Reasons Malta should annex Gibraltar today


1. The mothership has sailed back to the far away planet of endless tea, royal-whatevers and insufferable pricks. Mediterranean anglophones must stick together to survive.
2. Best to act now, while everyone is too busy refreshing the news with a blank stare.
3. Referendums matter. Gibraltar voted 96% to stay in the union. But it also recently voted 98.48% not to have anything to do with Spain. Who’s in the European Union and not Spain? That’s right!
4. Having Air Malta would make slightly more sense if there was an internal route which couldn’t be covered by a fit kangaroo.
5. Very compatible economies: tourism, IT and financial services, rock farming.
6. Three is clearly the perfect number. No, Comino doesn’t really count.
7. Cannot pass on the opportunity to have our own United Republic of Great Malta (great including Gozo) -and Southern Spain. Especially if the original United Kingdom goes down in flames in the meanwhile!
8. We could exchange tips and tricks on how to make saltwater taste best.
9. Today and only today, it still wouldn’t be the craziest thing to have happened.
10. Land border would make it easy to take over Spain as the only force for order after the umpteenth time they fail to agree on a government; then proceed to submit the whole Europe as it progressively falls apart in a storm of hate and concerned tweets.


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