Don’t touch my AK-47

So, enough of bloody Britain. The other derp english-speaking nation is doing something mildly funny. Also, tragic. But funny! So, well.

You have to know that the CIA/FBI/X-men maintain a list of people not allowed on planes -because terrorism.

Coming to know being on such list is for a terrorist a friendly reminder that it’s time to upgrade to the paid VPN service; and to start scratching his head on a more creative way to kill people.

What will then our aspirant heavenly pimp turn to, in order to score his 72 celestial waifus?

A doom device on a desert island? Poisoning the water supply? Buying a life saving drug and jacking up the price 5500%? Flying shark-bears with laser eyes?

Oh wait, he can just walk into a crowded place with a military grade weapon- and start shooting people.

Yes. Because someone so dangerous we can’t even trust after having gone through security measures ridiculously more complex than what will ever be possible in schools, stadiums, concert halls, clubs… apparently can still legally own and openly carry a gun in all those places.

Now after the Orlando shooting, some Democrat brain must have ticked 1+1. They are quite serious, it seems, in asking to ban people on the No Fly List from owning guns.

Republicans, of course, are having none of it. Why, of course we are in favor of restricting every possible freedom, including incarcerating more people than China and mass spying and, you know, not allowing people to fly –BUT NOBODY TOUCH GUNS!

And as usual, logic is quietly sobbing in a corner.

If we are o-a-kay with considering some people so dangerous they cannot be allowed near a plane …then in no conceivable sane universe they could be allowed near an AK-47.

…are we really cool, though, with an ever-swelling list of people being banned from things by men in black, without any due process or recourse? In 2001, when it was created, it was 500 super-suspects. A year later, it had doubled. In this decade, we’re talking 50.000 names; with maybe a million under observation. We’ve already had cases of activists of the opposition added “by mistake” to the list.

…and yet.

People wake up at how crazy this is because we’re touching guns?





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