ISIS is not islamic… then what?

Periodically reemerges the idea that “islamic terrorism is not really islamic”.

Ok. Then

Children grown in Islam are at risk of becoming islamic extremists and blow things up


Children grown in Islam are at risk of becoming [blank] extremists and blow things up


Listen. I get that the aim is to protect ordinary Muslims from backslash every time something gets blown up. But:

On the political side: we, as a civilization, shouldn’t take lazy shortcuts. Whatever ISIS is, at a political level (for instance, regarding whether a given person should have the right to come live here) this should have zero effect on someone not proven, or at least factually suspected, of belonging to it. Because in our civilization, responsibility is personal. We should not lower ourselves to the level of racists as to argue over what a Muslim ‘is’ as if it had some relevance: either you are guilty, or you aren’t. Anything else is barbaric. If there are people who don’t respect this basic principle after all the blood spilled to to learn it -what we must be talking about is how how to educate our racists.  

On a personal level however, pretending religion doesn’t matter is positively harmful. Even a decade after 9/11, and countless other attacks, lots of Muslim mothers have reportedly been shocked by learning that their son had packed up to join ISIS. Just as the relatives of rapists are always shocked …such a good boy! Yet, I don’t see calls to “not say that all rapists are male”! I see, instead, plenty of calls to eradicate rape culture in the education we give boys. And I agree. Most males will never be rapists; still, it’s better to be mindful of what you teach a son, or a school pupil, even tacitly or implicitly, than the rare but real risk of seeing your ‘good boy’ behind a bar, with a crying woman in front of him. For the exact same reason, we should let no opportunity go waste to help anyone teaching Islam remember to keep eyes open on what values they pass on, due to the rare but real possibility that one day the photos their son sends home will look like this



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