About a saint

​Mother Theresa did what every human would do when confronted with something horrible, huge, crushing: learn to love it. How can it be ‘beautiful’  if people suffer and die? Because they will suffer and die anyway; but at least you can cope with it. Very human.

Mother Theresa was also born in 1911. At that time, there really was nothing you could do. Even the most basic modern vaccines and medicines were often introduced around the ’60s, and in India even later. Well past her her formative years.

Now is different. We’re marching towards 100% vaccine coverage worldwide, and we’re starting to completely eradicate whole illnesses. Thanks to technology, free market and globalization, India is developing at an amazing pace. I expect everyone in Calcutta to have good quality healthcare before another turn of the century. 

Today, Mother Theresa’s attitude is at risk of holding us back. 

This doesn’t concern the Church; nor it should. They have their own standards; and they shouldn’t be tied to public utility any more than the laws should be tied to religious utility, which is not at all. 

Just, if you want role models for the future, look elsewhere. Look at the millions of Indians finding new ways to create jobs and progress for their country, first of all. And maybe also to the researchers from all the world, trying  to create the technology to conquer and destroy the ills of humanity,  forever; and doing this often underpaid, overworked, and with little to none recognition or job security -when not actively opposed, because that happens too. Those are the unsung heroes of our time. 


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