The Russian empty cartridge

Now, I’m not saying that all is good. It’s not. The American voters are fucked up. I am convinced they would have voted Hitler, if he was a contestant. 

But he wasn’t. And maybe, just maybe, the new President isn’t that bad at all.

Why I say that? 

Because just look at this: 

So, in order: 

  • He praises Hillary Clinton for her hard work as a worthy opponent
  • He actually praises Hillary for her service to the country as a Secretary of State
  • He appeals to national unity, pledging to be “President of all America”
  • He asks for help from the people who opposed him.
  • He underlines how his supporters are “men and women” of “all races and beliefs“.
  • He repeats his usual gargantuan promises -in the most generic and bland terms imaginable.
  • He pledges to be friendly to all foreign nations
  • The rest of the speech is dedicated to thanking his family and staff

…can you feel the lol of relief? 

Sure -those are just words. 

But they are not the words we expect from him! Where’s the Wall? And wasn’t Hillary a literal criminal 24 hours ago? And by the way, doesn’t God deserve a little credit -after what is almost an actual miracle?

Just compare that with any of his previous performances! 

He might be acting. But at this point, he could as well have been acting before. And just have dropped the mask abruptly, now that he doesn’t need it any more. Intelligent people can play for fools after all; not the reverse. 

Don’t worry, he will do some horrible things. He has to, or some of his loving supporters might just blow his head off. It’s not like he cares about right or wrong, anyway. I’m not deluded about that.

But if he’s not actually crazy, then he will probably not crash the world economy, or or cause WWIII. At this point, that is the optimistic scenario. 

And, there might even be positive sides.

I’m still not condoning voting like this -even in case it turns out ok. Americans played Russian roulette with themselves and the world. Sooner or later, you do get a bullet to the head. 

But maybe not this time. 


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