Learning to speak

Remember the “pussy grab” scandal? 
It genuinely seemed it would be the end of Trump. 

And back then I wrote

So, apparently a sex-themed scandal is the only way to save America from voting suicidal economic and social policies.

I should be happy, voters perfectly agreed with me -attacking a person’s private morals is not the way to fight his ideas! 

Particularly from a supposedly progressive party!

Tump attached free trade. Clinton just answered that he and his core supporters were “deplorable”. Which is perfectly true –but it’s not an answer! If you support NAFTA, then I want you to see a convinced and convincing argument on why it’s good for the country. No trace on this on the media. Same for the stance on Russia.

The line was “put up with my policies, there is no alternative”. Voters took it as a dare –and by God, on this they were right!

Maybe now America will wake up from this moralistic orgy, where “progressives” think they can just take down everyone they don’t like by the way of scandals. And we’ll go back to discussing facts. …maybe.

But in the meantime, Trump. Enjoy.

This is the most worrying lesson for Europe, too. Most people advocating a change of treaties clearly inadequate have just been branded “populists”, and that was it. They usually are, but it doesn’t matter: if that’s the only argument we can put forward for the EU, then people wearing our contempt with pride will soon find the nation is with them. And Brexit will repeat over and over until nothing’s left.


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