Trying not to fool myself (Resolutions #1)

Christmas carols, decorations, Facebook #yearinreview: the new year is coming; and with it, a new beginning. Or is it?

Rarely we follow trough with our promises to ourselves. It feels good to make them, but then… eh.

This year, I’m going to try a different approach. Yes it takes time to see the results -but the hard part is starting; and not for a couple of days while on vacation, but in earnest.

Good news: starting is also the part that can be done right now!

So what I will do, is only include in my 1 January resolutions …to get results on activities I’m already doing. In other words: to get to say that something is actually a goal of mine at the turn of the year, I have to start implementing the steps leading to it right now in the normal, working days of December.

Then I’ll just have to continue doing it.


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