Resolutions #2

Did I succeed?

About a month ago, I wrote a post titled “trying not to fool myself“, with the draft of a process to make new year’s resolutions …actually work.

Well, I can say: I did not fool myself. Success! Of all the things I thought of, only one (Duolingo) stuck to a satisfying degree. All the rest kind of fizzled.

So it works, partially: I got at least one thing done. It feels definitely better than feeling lost at sea!

However, another thing is clear: as a human alive today, I have far too few years left, to allow myself the luxury to wait until 2018 to try again.


So, I have decided to set up a system of trimesters. Every month will have its role:

1) Consolidation: absolute focus on making sure I keep doing mi existing resolutions. Noncommittal experimentation is welcome, but secondary.

2) Planning: what do I want to do? Narrow down until it’s manageable. If there are prerequisites, take care of them. Start doing, but with no pressure.

3) Implementation: rien ne va plus; start trying to put into practice the resolutions consistently. If there is a failure, try again. Giving up is not allowed until the end of the month.

Then at the end of the cycle, I get to include as ‘resolutions’ only what I actually started. Then keep focusing on consolidating them for another month; the first of another cycle.

Of course, for those of you from a software development background, the core idea will be a dejà vu.


The point is, to actually apply a serious system to getting tings done in my life.

So, January will be a consolidation month. At the same time, I’ll start thinking to what I want going forward. The next ‘release’ date, where I’ll have to declare which changes I managed to make to my life, is April 1st; followed by July, October, and January again.

Of course, too short intervals don’t allow planning far ahead: you cannot change the world in three months. But, if I let this stop me in adopting the system, it would be an excuse.

Instead I say to myself this: I’ll practice, by taking care of the myriad of small things for which three months is more than enough. When I’m confident my structure works, I’ll start adding longer goals in parallel. For instance for one, three, and nine years ahead. And 2018 seems a good year to start!
But here too: first experiment, be sure, then commit.

Wish me luck.

(and if you’re inspired and will try something along the same lines -let me know!)


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