Antisemitic UNESCO

In the last days, the Internet was aflame with the “antisemitic decision” trying to “deny Israel’s connection with the Temple Mount”. 

Not quite. If you actually read, it’s denouncing alleged restrictions caused by Israel on Muslim worship in the mosque there. I have no idea if the claim is true (UNESCO seems to think so, but maybe it was indeed a politicized vote). Still. I don’t get the outcry.

The document only speaks specifically of the Arab worship and claim (after anyway remarking that the site is sacred to all three Abrahamitic religions) because that’s what it is taking about. Of course the Jews have their own claim. It seems to me that nobody is mentioning it, _because that in no danger whatsoever_. Israelis are in full military control. Isn’t it all a bit like those guys wondering why there isn’t a Pride Parade for straight people?

Premier Netanyahu added that 

“To say that Israel has no connection to the Temple Mount and the Western Wall is like saying that China has no connection to the Great Wall of China and that Egypt has no connection to the Pyramids.”

Now, I’m Italian. And I’m standing in view of the Coliseum right now. 

And yes, it’s amazing to think that the Roman civilization was once here. 

But I’ll be the first to say that we’re not the same people whose idea of fun was to make slaves fight to death in those pits. 

The world has changed, and us with it. For the better, mostly. 

The last time we felt a “deep connection” to those stones, come to think of it, wasn’t that much ago. But it didn’t end well for us. It also ended even worse for Jews. 

Maybe it’s time to leave thousands years old myths to rest.

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Losers wanted

​If Italy got out of the Euro now and devalued 30%, those who are not in a position to ask for a raise would take an about 10% real pay cut; but they would be the ones whose work was at risk and they would be trading the lower wages for a lower risk of being fired, so it might be even acceptable. Of course the real problem is that there would be a reduction in foreign investment.

But the UK devaluing 30%, from a situation of near full employment; AND at the same time restricting immigration? That’s a very strange situation. Probably unprecedented. 

With so little unused capacity, even without a strong union action, nearly everyone will be able to negotiate a pay raise to keep up with inflation. 

But that means a spiral wages-inflation; with higher wages the national products aren’t more competitive, so the huge commercial deficit doesn’t get reduced (and can even increase, as many products, i.e. oil, don’t decrease in consumption proportionally to price) causing more devaluation. Rinse and repeat; inflation would virtually never stop.

So, something has to give. Where will the system snap? 

One option: savings. If the monetary and fiscal policy are kept expansive to help the economy, the fixed yield bonds outstanding now will be eaten by inflation. 
On the other end: if rates are raised and budget tightened to stop the fall, investment and the homeownining market will be the ones crushed.

Of course, the state can redirect money where he pleases. If they decide people with a surname starting in M will be taxed until the problem is solved, that will be it. 

But it has to be someone. 

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Need For Confidence

So, it is official. The 4th of December, my Italy will vote on a desperate attempt: force Italy to produce a stable government of a definite color.

Already, we have had to give up altogether the idea that the fight must be between “left” and “right”. With about 30%, the main contender against Renzi’s “left” will be Grillo’s self-described “forwards” -but still, the “right” could rally around Salvini’s “out”, and bring it to victory. Results are unpredictable.

And without the reform? Well, then the result is very predictable: no one will be able to form a stable government; not without forced compromises which will make both electorates cringe.

The problem is, it’s probably not a temporary confusion. In fact, in the West, it’s not an isolated case. New, incompatible poles are emerging everywhere. Is it an image of the times to come?

Ok, let’s ignore Syriza and a right-wing party governing together in Greece.

Let’s also skip over Spain, completely unable to form a new government in almost a year after splitting hard in four poles, despite having had just two forever. It’s the crisis, maybe?

But what about Brexit? The whole affair was the story of the emergence of a position, the Ukip, which has nothing to do with the traditional pro-busuness right. At the same time, Labour couldn’t capitalize on the other side’s division because too much occupied in its own surprisingly violent infighting.

And America, the eldest two-party system -is the same. Their Corbyn (Sanders) lost, and their Farage (Trump) won even more. But the fracture lines repeat themselves -a new uncompromising progressive movement has broken up with the moderate Left; and a crazy splinter of populism and isolationism is menacing to eat the Right whole.

Even Merkel, with her moderate right, is under attack by a completely new right, Afd.

Is all this really a surprise?

We are a complex society. And there should be a clear line dividing us neatly?

I’m not saying we’re all thinking for ourselves. Because we’re not. Still: in the age of information, your family and village are no longer the only influences. Ideas travel, contaminate. It’s all it takes to make a bipartition simply …unrealistic. Or just forced, like in the referendum’s proposal.

In the reform I’d want to be able to choose, you vote for a Parliament in strictly proportional way. And then you choose the ministers, directly.

Why should your position on external affairs be inextricably linked to how you’d administer the health system? Or your environmental policy? It shouldn’t.

So, you should be able to vote the exterior minister you want, and the health minister you want, and so on. If they come from different parties -who cares? If they have been elected, their policies have good support also in other parties’ electirate. So they should be able to find that support, in a proportionally elected Chamber, when they need to pass laws. And laws will get passed.

The Parliament being one, that’s why it won’t vote contradictory measures. Any more, at any rate, than a single government would. And for when we need a single figure to look up to, there would be a President standing for the unity of the State. But his role would be to moderate and promote dialogue among ministers, and between them and the Parliament -so an institutional figure, not a political one.

Who needs a government anyway?

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Make a language

Esperanto: you probably know it. You also probably know it failed, and you believe it proved once and for all artificial languages are dead.

Some people must not have gotten the memo, though. There is a whole community of inventors of languages. Yes, the world is this awesome.

Sometimes there are economic reasons to invent a language; one obvious is creating believable fictional civilizations. The most known probably being Klingdon …and the last Dotraki in Game of Thrones -yes they do have a real language!

And sometimes there are really real groups of people who think in such a peculiar way, they start looking for a more suitable language than the natural ones. Lojban, for one, aims to be the language of the logic-minded.

Also, some are reinventing English. To make it more English. Because England.

But mostly, it’s for an exotic mix of play, and exploration of the boundaries of the mind. Kēlen, for instance, has no verbs.

So, what would a verb-less language look like? Possibly the language would have a small number of words that do the functions of verbs without any of the semantic content. In other words, words that would tell how many arguments to expect and what the relationship is between these various arguments. This is what I have done with Kēlen— given it a closed class of “relationals” that perform the syntactic function of verbs.

There are only four relationals: LA, which asserts that an argument exists in a location or a state; NI, which asserts that an argument is or has relocated or changed its state; SE, which asserts that an argument is related to a source and/or a goal; and PA, which asserts that one argument contains another. Combine these with case markers, mood markers, and various modifiers, and we have even more ways to express the relationships between the various arguments in the sentence.

Oh, and it can be written like this:


This is a name. “Lājathīn”.

Is this awesome? Yes it is. It’s not excluded one of my future blog posts will be about my first own language -I’m already thinking the central idea. In the meantime I’ll try studying more this crazy languages; and maybe those crazier still and actually used by peoples of the world! You can never find an end to peculiarities.

And you? What would your language look like?

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“What do you know about Aleppo?”

Johnson: “What is Aleppo?”

Trump: “I know lots of things about Aleppo. Big, huge things, they will blow your mind! Trust me! Also I know my good friend Putin wants it; and so he can have it as far as I’m concerned.”

Hillary: “Aleppo is a city in Northern Syria; one of the oldest population centers in the world and an UNESCO heritage. It’s the biggest city in the country, home to almost 2 million people of diverse faiths, including 10 different christian denominations. It was before the war at least. After it will probably be a smoking ruin about 12 miles from our shiny new oil pipeline to Qatar. Well, what IS Aleppo to you? Do you actually care? Nah you don’t.”

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About a saint

​Mother Theresa did what every human would do when confronted with something horrible, huge, crushing: learn to love it. How can it be ‘beautiful’  if people suffer and die? Because they will suffer and die anyway; but at least you can cope with it. Very human.

Mother Theresa was also born in 1911. At that time, there really was nothing you could do. Even the most basic modern vaccines and medicines were often introduced around the ’60s, and in India even later. Well past her her formative years.

Now is different. We’re marching towards 100% vaccine coverage worldwide, and we’re starting to completely eradicate whole illnesses. Thanks to technology, free market and globalization, India is developing at an amazing pace. I expect everyone in Calcutta to have good quality healthcare before another turn of the century. 

Today, Mother Theresa’s attitude is at risk of holding us back. 

This doesn’t concern the Church; nor it should. They have their own standards; and they shouldn’t be tied to public utility any more than the laws should be tied to religious utility, which is not at all. 

Just, if you want role models for the future, look elsewhere. Look at the millions of Indians finding new ways to create jobs and progress for their country, first of all. And maybe also to the researchers from all the world, trying  to create the technology to conquer and destroy the ills of humanity,  forever; and doing this often underpaid, overworked, and with little to none recognition or job security -when not actively opposed, because that happens too. Those are the unsung heroes of our time. 

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 Pier Luigi Ighina , un altro con la formula per fermare i terremoti. 

 “le mie idee sono sono scomode, se mi prendono mi mi fanno fuori”

 – Idee pubblicate nel 1954

-Morto nel 2004, a 95 anni. 

La vendetta dell’NWO di Spinea Marittima è forse un po’ lenta, ma infine colpisce! 

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