Odd business in the #Turkey #coup

Many captured soldiers from the Turkey coup claim they were told it was just a drill.
Are they saying that to avoid punishment?
Were they kept in the dark by the conspirators to minimize the risk of someone betraying the betrayers?
…or was this arranged so that, as soon as they understood what was going on, horrified by having been drawn into rebellion without knowing it, most would surrender without a fight? Just as it happened.
Making history with the images of simple citizens disarming soldiers to the chants of “Erdogan, Erdogan!”
If he really did this, he’s a genius.
Whether it was staged or real, he is surely wasting no time in further purging any opposition left


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New rule

Now, I came across an article titled Should Police Use Robots to Kill?

If you don’t know, it’s related to the police dealing with a sniper by mounting a bomb on this little guy


Note the police isn’t regularly equipped with “killer robots”. This thing is in fact built to detonate bombs others have planted. But a bit of creative thinking out of the box

…aand BOOM, sniper gone without risking human lives.

To me, the situation is clear.

We should force policemen to kill only though the use of weaponized civilian robots.

Perk 1: If we are going towards a dystopian future, at least do it properly.

Perk2: If you’re not smart (enough to repurpose a robot to kill), you don’t get to kill people. This, for instance, wouldn’t have happen.

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ISIS is not islamic… then what?

Periodically reemerges the idea that “islamic terrorism is not really islamic”.

Ok. Then

Children grown in Islam are at risk of becoming islamic extremists and blow things up


Children grown in Islam are at risk of becoming [blank] extremists and blow things up


Listen. I get that the aim is to protect ordinary Muslims from backslash every time something gets blown up. But:

On the political side: we, as a civilization, shouldn’t take lazy shortcuts. Whatever ISIS is, at a political level (for instance, regarding whether a given person should have the right to come live here) this should have zero effect on someone not proven, or at least factually suspected, of belonging to it. Because in our civilization, responsibility is personal. We should not lower ourselves to the level of racists as to argue over what a Muslim ‘is’ as if it had some relevance: either you are guilty, or you aren’t. Anything else is barbaric. If there are people who don’t respect this basic principle after all the blood spilled to to learn it -what we must be talking about is how how to educate our racists.  

On a personal level however, pretending religion doesn’t matter is positively harmful. Even a decade after 9/11, and countless other attacks, lots of Muslim mothers have reportedly been shocked by learning that their son had packed up to join ISIS. Just as the relatives of rapists are always shocked …such a good boy! Yet, I don’t see calls to “not say that all rapists are male”! I see, instead, plenty of calls to eradicate rape culture in the education we give boys. And I agree. Most males will never be rapists; still, it’s better to be mindful of what you teach a son, or a school pupil, even tacitly or implicitly, than the rare but real risk of seeing your ‘good boy’ behind a bar, with a crying woman in front of him. For the exact same reason, we should let no opportunity go waste to help anyone teaching Islam remember to keep eyes open on what values they pass on, due to the rare but real possibility that one day the photos their son sends home will look like this


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can’t be together & can’t be apart…

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10 Reasons Malta should annex Gibraltar today


1. The mothership has sailed back to the far away planet of endless tea, royal-whatevers and insufferable pricks. Mediterranean anglophones must stick together to survive.
2. Best to act now, while everyone is too busy refreshing the news with a blank stare.
3. Referendums matter. Gibraltar voted 96% to stay in the union. But it also recently voted 98.48% not to have anything to do with Spain. Who’s in the European Union and not Spain? That’s right!
4. Having Air Malta would make slightly more sense if there was an internal route which couldn’t be covered by a fit kangaroo.
5. Very compatible economies: tourism, IT and financial services, rock farming.
6. Three is clearly the perfect number. No, Comino doesn’t really count.
7. Cannot pass on the opportunity to have our own United Republic of Great Malta (great including Gozo) -and Southern Spain. Especially if the original United Kingdom goes down in flames in the meanwhile!
8. We could exchange tips and tricks on how to make saltwater taste best.
9. Today and only today, it still wouldn’t be the craziest thing to have happened.
10. Land border would make it easy to take over Spain as the only force for order after the umpteenth time they fail to agree on a government; then proceed to submit the whole Europe as it progressively falls apart in a storm of hate and concerned tweets.

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Don’t touch my AK-47

So, enough of bloody Britain. The other derp english-speaking nation is doing something mildly funny. Also, tragic. But funny! So, well.

You have to know that the CIA/FBI/X-men maintain a list of people not allowed on planes -because terrorism.

Coming to know being on such list is for a terrorist a friendly reminder that it’s time to upgrade to the paid VPN service; and to start scratching his head on a more creative way to kill people.

What will then our aspirant heavenly pimp turn to, in order to score his 72 celestial waifus?

A doom device on a desert island? Poisoning the water supply? Buying a life saving drug and jacking up the price 5500%? Flying shark-bears with laser eyes?

Oh wait, he can just walk into a crowded place with a military grade weapon- and start shooting people.

Yes. Because someone so dangerous we can’t even trust after having gone through security measures ridiculously more complex than what will ever be possible in schools, stadiums, concert halls, clubs… apparently can still legally own and openly carry a gun in all those places.

Now after the Orlando shooting, some Democrat brain must have ticked 1+1. They are quite serious, it seems, in asking to ban people on the No Fly List from owning guns.

Republicans, of course, are having none of it. Why, of course we are in favor of restricting every possible freedom, including incarcerating more people than China and mass spying and, you know, not allowing people to fly –BUT NOBODY TOUCH GUNS!

And as usual, logic is quietly sobbing in a corner.

If we are o-a-kay with considering some people so dangerous they cannot be allowed near a plane …then in no conceivable sane universe they could be allowed near an AK-47.

…are we really cool, though, with an ever-swelling list of people being banned from things by men in black, without any due process or recourse? In 2001, when it was created, it was 500 super-suspects. A year later, it had doubled. In this decade, we’re talking 50.000 names; with maybe a million under observation. We’ve already had cases of activists of the opposition added “by mistake” to the list.

…and yet.

People wake up at how crazy this is because we’re touching guns?




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A well regulated militia

Here in Europe, the problem of criminals getting military-grade weapons is a geographical one: the Old World has just too many ethnic/cultural/political fault lines -anglophone readers will probably be familiar with all the deaths brought by Northern Ireland inside Great Britain itself. And though in the new millennium it seems we more or less agreed not to shoot on each other, we are simply surrounded by regions of instability, if not outright war. That’s why the Paris attackers were able to get military-grade guns: they were from actual, recent or at least potential combat zones.

But in America, guns are Constitutional matter.


A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.

I’ve tried to wrap my head around those words at every major mass shooting; that is, at regular and fairly short intervals. This phrase must have been crystal clear in what it mandated or forbid when it was written, to be included in the Constitution -but that was 250 years ago.

What confused me more, was how “gun freedom” proponents claiming that guns would keep them free from an overreaching government.


Do you seriously expect to stand against the army?

Yes, you can maybe hide; and hope they decide it’s not worth it. But, that takes decades. If you think of Vietnam, Afghanistan, and now Syria, you must realize that maybe your son will see the federal troops abandon i.e. Texas -but you will be most likely dead in a cave after years of running from drone strikes (…also, I really hope you have some other superpower or oil sultan ready to finance you in the meantime).

What’s more -it just doesn’t fit with the actual words. Or at least requires a lot of twisting. The militia is supposed to be defending the state; not the people from the state.

Turns out, they were completely right.

They had just lost a piece in the sands of history -a big piece.

The illumination came when someone posted an excerpt of a letter written by one of the Founding Fathers, Alexander Hamilton, during the debate which shortly after resulted in the Constitution.

Here it is, emphasis mine

“The project of disciplining all the militia of the United States is as futile as it would be injurious, if it were capable of being carried into execution. A tolerable expertness in military movements is a business that requires time and practice. It is not a day, or even a week, that will suffice for the attainment of it. To oblige the great body of the yeomanry, and of the other classes of the citizens, to be under arms for the purpose of going through military exercises and evolutions, as often as might be necessary to acquire the degree of perfection which would entitle them to the character of a well-regulated militia, would be a real grievance to the people, and a serious public inconvenience and loss. It would form an annual deduction from the productive labor of the country, to an amount which, calculating upon the present numbers of the people, would not fall far short of the whole expense of the civil establishments of all the States. To attempt a thing which would abridge the mass of labor and industry to so considerable an extent, would be unwise: and the experiment, if made, could not succeed, because it would not long be endured. Little more can reasonably be aimed at, with respect to the people at large, than to have them properly armed and equipped; and in order to see that this be not neglected, it will be necessary to assemble them once or twice in the course of a year.

“But though the scheme of disciplining the whole nation must be abandoned as mischievous or impracticable; yet it is a matter of the utmost importance that a well-digested plan should, as soon as possible, be adopted for the proper establishment of the militia. The attention of the government ought particularly to be directed to the formation of a select corps of moderate extent, upon such principles as will really fit them for service in case of need. By thus circumscribing the plan, it will be possible to have an excellent body of well-trained militia, ready to take the field whenever the defense of the State shall require it. This will not only lessen the call for military establishments, but if circumstances should at any time oblige the government to form an army of any magnitude that army can never be formidable to the liberties of the people while there is a large body of citizens, little, if at all, inferior to them in discipline and the use of arms, who stand ready to defend their own rights and those of their fellow-citizens. This appears to me the only substitute that can be devised for a standing army, and the best possible security against it, if it should exist.”

This is amazing. We Europeans are so proud of the French Revolution, which invented the modern State -the one which more or less got exported to the whole world, be it through example or colonialism.

What we forget, is that a splinter of the western world had already invented its own modern state 20 years before. And in a completely different situation, it invented a truly different kind of state.

The big takeaway here is that


And as Hamilton points out even more clearly in another passage,

To render an army unnecessary, will be a more certain method of preventing its existence than a thousand prohibitions upon paper.

The United States were born with sort of a ‘market solution to defense’. In many respect, it’s brilliant. If many citizens  by free choice bear arms, train in their use, and are ready to fight for the state, then the state can do away with not having a permanent army -and only call on armed citizens in times of need. Just as they had done with the Revolution, after all. Or what they did on smaller scale when fights broke out with natives. That’s the world they were thinking of -the only one they could know.

And this is what allows to hope that a rogue general taking over the state could be resisted by regular citizens. Because citizens are trained in using guns, and soldiers are not much more than citizens trained in using guns.

Needless to say, this utterly failed a century ago. When the USA became a big player in the world. And thus went on to have a professional, hugely funded, permanent army.

This is not betraying the constitution. It is adapting to a world which dramatically changed; and the United States themselves changed most of all. For the best, I’d even say. The Founding Fathers would agree that the state now needs an army -and thus, that what they attempted with the Second Amendment no longer makes sense.

Of course, they would still be pretty freaked out by the military being employed needlessly; not only wasting taxpayer’s money, but particularly in contexts where they must constantly strife at precisely what you do not want them to be good at doing -crushing the resistance of an hostile civilian population.

Even more, they would be horrified by this


…and you should too. Should someone at the top try to create a police state -the infrastructure is 100% ready.(also, NSA)

Luckily, you have at least something very precious a young nation just emerged from a revolutionary war, establishing itself among tribes and absolute monarchies, couldn’t count on.

A quarter of a millennium of unbroken democracy.

So, stop hugging your AK 47 -until you drastically scale back the size of the armed forces, police militarization, and communication spying, any person of sense living today  would agree that that tradition of democracy is now your main, perhaps only, remaining line of defense against what the Second Amendment tried to prevent.

Just try not to shove it down the drain this election. Or, well, ever. There might be no going back, or not in your lifetime; however many guns you have.

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